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Our Company Story


Penn Tank Lines began as a profitable sole proprietorship in 1974 under the current Chairman and CEO, Jack McSherry. The company was founded to provide a regional bulk petroleum transportation service by tractor trailer in the Middle Atlantic

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Penn Tank Lines has established terminals throughout the eastern seaboard of the United States and in many key southern states. Click for a complete map of our terminal locations and respective contact information.

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Our Drivers


Penn Tank Lines is always looking for the best drivers in the business to continue our reputation for safety and excellence in the industry. Are you looking for an opportunity to join a very special team of top-notch professionals?

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Penn Tank Lines uses state-of-the-art technology to book, track and confirm our over-the-road shipments, billing and communications. Advanced systems equal on-time deliveries, optimum pricing and greater safety.

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Setting the Pace

Driver Requirements
Experience, skill, professionalism and character...join the PTL Team!

Tractor Requirements
See our list of standards for every addition to our existing tractor fleet...